Bosch Ebike Battery Charger

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The Bosch Ebike battery charger is designed to work with all Performance Series and Active Series PowerPack 400 Wh and 500 Wh batteries. Each Bosch ebike battery charger is dual voltage which allows this charger to be used anywhere in the world. Simply use the appropriate plug adapter for the country being used in and the charger will automatically adjust to the line voltage.

We always recommend using the Bosch ebike battery charger when recharging all Bosch ebike batteries. With built in safety features and optimized charging profiles these chargers will not only charge your batteries safely they will increase the overall lifecycle of your lithium ion batteries.

Both lightweight and durable each charger is designed for daily use and will last for years to come.

Rapid 4A Battery Charging

The new Bosch ebike battery charger is compact and lightweight. The battery charger weighs less than 800 grams! Designed as a completely sealed device the internals stay clean and dust free for longer life.

The Bosch lithium battery charger can recharge the Powerpack 300 Wh to 50% in 1 hour and the the Powerpack 400 Wh in 1.5 hours and the Powerpack 500 Wh in 2 hours. To obtain a full charge on the PowerPack 300 Wh will take just 2.5 hours, 3.5 hours on the PowerPack 400 Wh and 4.25 hours on the PowerPack 500 Wh.

One Charger For All Battery Types

This charger will fit both downtube mounted and rear rack mounted lithium battery packs in the Performance Series (400 Wh & 500 Wh) and Active Line Series (300 Wh) ebike drives from Bosch.

*Power cable sold separately here

Feel free to contact us today and speak to one of our Bosch ebike experts about any questions you may have about the Bosch ebike battery charger.