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Looking for a spare or replacement Stromer lithium battery for your ST1 or ST2 electric bike? Scooteretti carries the full line of Stromer replacement batteries. So whether you have a Stromer ST1 Elite, Platium or new ST1x, ST2 or ST2S we have replacement batteries in stock.

Replacement Batteries For All Stromers

Each Stromer lithium battery comes with a full 2 year manufacturers warranty so you can rest assured that your battery will give you years of reliable performance.
The ST1 series battery is available in 2 sizes. The 36 Volt 14.5Ah (522 Wh) and the 36 Volt 17Ah (630 Wh).  Either battery can be used in all ST1 Elite and ST1 Platinum electric bikes. If you are looking for more range the 17.5Ah offers 20% more range than the 14.5Ah.

The square series batteries are available in three sizes to fit all ST1x, ST2 and ST2s models: A 48 Volt 12.9Ah (618Wh) direct replacement for the ST1x, 48 Volt 17Ah (814 Wh) direct replacement for the ST2 and 48 Volt 20.5Ah (983Wh) direct replacement for the ST2s. Note that the Square battery is specific to this series of bike and is only compatible with ST1x, ST2 and ST2s models.


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