Busch Muller Cycle Star Mirror

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The Busch Muller Cycle Star Mirror offers a large surface area using the highest quality materials for maximum durability and is certified for speed E-Bikes, mounting easily just inside the handlebar.

German Quality and Design

Manufactured by the world renowned Busch and Muller in Germany, the Busch Muller Cycle Star Mirror features an extremely adjustable and foldable shaft, high quality glass and a protective back to give you the best rear view visibility and great durability while meeting all of the legal requirements for E-Bikes.

Busch Muller Cycle Star Specifications

- Speed E-Bike certified
- Large surface area hexagonal mirror shape
- Soft Protective edges
- Splinter protection
- Foldable and extremely adjustable
- Automatically restarts in the previously selected position
- Easy, sturdy mounting to the handlebar
- Internal handlebar diameter: 17.2 - 22 mm


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