Kryptonite Scooter Locks

Kryptonite Scooter Locks

Kryptonite scooter locks offer their owners top level security all the time. Did you know that scooter locks come with various levels of security? Did you know that it takes a thief just a few seconds to break most scooter locks? Do you know what level of security you need? There are a lot of good scooter locks out there, but in our opinion Kryptonite is the best scooter lock for the money.

Protecting your scooter from theft doesn't have to be stressful. While so many people love their scooters, too many people use inexpensive, low security rated locks to prevent theft or worse yet not lock at all.

Our experience has shown that scooter owners who have used Kryptonite scooter locks have yet to have their scooter stolen! Yeap, that's right we have not heard 1 single case in our area from any of our customers where their scooter was stolen while using a Krytonite scooter lock! Now that's impressive. We really do think these are the best scooter locks.

We highly recommend the use of the Kryptonite Evolution and Kryptonite New York chains to protect your scooter. With one of the best security ratings in the business these Kryptonite chains are backed up with a lifetime warranty and they also include Kryptonite's free anti theft insurance! Now that's piece of mind. Kryptonite scooter locks are flexible to wrap around the wheel or frame then around a fixed object that will keep your scooter safe and secure,

Scooter thefts suck, and the experience is frustrating and costly. Protect your investment today and rest easy knowing your scooter is protected by the best in the business!

Proper scooter locking tips:

  • Always lock your scooter when not in use. This includes when your at home or out and about. It takes thieves seconds to steal a scooter.
  • Don’t lock your scooter in the same location all the time – thieves are always on the look-out for patterns
  • Thieves go for the easiest prey: lock your scooter in an area where there are other vehicles and people around whenever possible. And preferably in a well lit area. Keep an eye out for security cameras and park in site of them for added protection.
  • Be sure that your Kryptonite scooter lock cannot be lifted over the seat or the handlebar area when locked up.

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