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Kryptonite bicycle locks offer cyclists top level security all the time. Did you know that locks come with various levels of security? Did you know that it takes a thief just seconds to break most bicycle locks? Do you know what level of security you need?

Well we've done the work for you. Whether you live in an urban city or in a small town far away from the city you need a good quality lock. With Kryptonite we have found that most people with get the best protection with the Kryptonite Evolution series Ulock and Kryptonite New York chain locks. Strong, reliable, and secure, these locks will be the last bicycle lock you will ever need to buy. Each bike lock is backed up by Kryptonite's lifetime warranty and for added piece of mind each one of these bicycle locks includes and insurance program in case of theft! That's why Kryptonite bicycle locks are the locks thieves hate.

Bicycle thefts suck, and the experience is very frustrating. But did you know most thefts in North America can be prevented if a good quality lock would have been used. What was the last lock that you purchased? What was it's security rating? Yeah that's what we thought... Don't worry we've been there too, so now's the time to chuck that old lock and make an investment is some serious security and rest easy knowing that Kryptonite is protecting your investment.

Buy it once, keep it forever!

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