Electric Scooter Ebike Light Bulbs

Upgrade your electric scooter light bulbs for longer life

We carry a full line of long life electric scooter light bulbs. We carry both 12 volt and 56 volt ebike bulbs in various sizes. In order to determine which bulb your ebike or electric scooter needs, simply remove the old bulb and look at the base of the bulb which will tell you both the voltage and the wattage. In some cases such as headlights and brake lights there will be 2 filaments inside the bulb and you will then see 2 wattage numbers written on the bulb. So check the side of your bulb for the following you the following:

  • Voltage: 12V, 48V or 56V
  • Wattage: Usually 5W to 30W

Example 1: 12V 15W = 12 volt bulb which is 15 watts

Example 2: 56V 5W/15W = 56V bulb that has two filaments with the dimmer one being 5 watts and the brighter one being 15 watts

Have a question about which of our electric scooter Ebike lights bulbs is right for your ride? Contact us anytime for help.


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