Electric Bicycle Disc Brakes And Disc Brake Pads

We stock replacement electric bicycle disc brakes and disc brakes pads at all times. If your electric bicycle's braking performance is getting worse, perhaps it time to replace your brake pads.

Disc brake pad replacement is simple and takes just a few minutes complete. To know which replacement pads are right for your bicycle, simply identify the brand and the model number from your bicycle's caliper (the block where the disc goes through). Almost all manufactures have their name and model number printed on the caliper Simply identify which brake system you are currently using and choose from our drop down list to select the appropriate replacement disc brake pad for your electric bicycle or traditional bicycle.

Have a damaged disc brake system or looking to Upgrade your existing bicycle to disc brakes? No problem, we carry a full line of disc brake calipers, replacement rotors and disc's from Tektro, Avid and Shimano.