Cycling Safety Tips For Adults and Kids

September 06, 2013

Cycling Safety Tips For Adults and KidsCycling is an fun and healthy was of getting around. Here are a few cycling safety tips for adults and kids.  Whether you are an adult or child it's important to following some basic safety tips to keep you, your family, friends and others safe.

Cycling is safe if you follow some basic safety tips.. Each day we all see and hear about some sort of accident occurring, but did you know, the vast majority of these incidents could have been easily preventable? It's human nature sometimes to be caught up in the moment and get distracted.

Here are a few great links to websites to help refresh our memories. Even as experienced cyclists a few of the points were reminders. I know that since reading a few key points on these websites, that I know stop at every light and stop sign. If hasn't really cost me any more time, I feel safer and well. So anyhow I thought I would share these links with all of you. These tips are equally important for adults and kids.


National Highway Traffic Administration(Great for Kids and Adults) - Bike Safe - Bike Smart Video


Canada Safety Council - Safe Cycling Is Not Just For Kids

City Of Ottawa - Cycling Safety

Ottawa Police - Share The Road



Be safe everyone,