Cool Bicycle Helmets For Men

December 07, 2013

Finding cool bicycle helmets for men is not an easy task. The selection available though most bike shops and most box stores is always the same traditional helmet we've seen for years. Quite often these helmets come is a selection of colors which usually clash with what we are wearing. Or worse yet, yeap we've all done this is simply not to wear a helmet at all.

Well we feel the same way as you guys. We wanted to have a selection of cool bicycle helmets for men in stock at all times. SAHN Bicycle Helmets for MenBut have no despair, our search worldwide has found two brands who thought outside the box and have designed a helmet to make us guys look pretty hip to say the least.

Our first helmet is designed by a company called ABUS. This huge manufacturer of locks recently entered the bicycle helmet market and their products are both stylish and certainly one of th most comfortable we have ever worn. If you ride an ebike you'll certain appreciate the Pedelec series as they offer an integrated LED light in the rear of the helmet, integrated rain cover and quick fasten chin buckle. Best of all their higher impact resistance will give you more protection in case of an impact.

Our second offering is the Yakkay line of helmets. Based just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. Cool Bicycle Helmets For MenYakkay helmets have won numerous design awards internationally. The Yakkay helmets are a very cool 2 part system. They have what's called the "Smart Two" helmet which is essential the bicycle helmet and then they have a wide selection of Yakkay helmet covers available that easily allow you to change the textile cover out with a new one giving you multiple color and style options, and the ability to buy a new cover later on. Their cover selection is constantly changing as their designers are always putting some new together based on global trends.

Our staff have certainly voted these 2 brands as the best cool bicycle helmets for men anywhere.